Sended Emails (orders) wrong name and e-mail

30.04.2011 10:02
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Sended Emails (orders) wrong name and e-mail

There is not possible to change "name" and "email" address for sended orders ("From:") in orders. Also there is not possible to send orders for more than one e-mail.
If you did shop with e.g. user-x, email of this user is in order as sender... In case if user-y is admin of shop, instead of user-x must be there for "From:" user-y and not user-x! or In order there should be name of Shop and email of shop defined in Configuration > Shop Info

From: "Shop name" <Contact info - E-Mail> and not name of user-x and his email...

Joomla: 1.5.23
JoomShopping: Version 2.8.3
PHP: 5.2.14
MySQL: 5.1.51
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30.04.2011 10:27
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Aw: Sended Emails (orders) wrong name and e-mail

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