Make Joomshopping update-safe

23.01.2012 21:03
Michael Adrian
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Make Joomshopping update-safe

Dear Webdesigner,
I really like your component and have it productive on some websites now. But with the last updates I realized a very big problem which makes joomshopping unfeasible in practice.
Every time when there is a major update all the styling has do be done from the scratch! And none of my clients is willing to pay for that work!!!
Can you pls. make the jooomshopping component update-safe by using the common joomla mvc-framework as othe components do. Special problems are with language files, template files and css!!

23.01.2012 21:30
(Support Team)
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Aw: Make Joomshopping update-safe


Big prodlem - "template changes"

No change in the template we were not able to release version 3.4

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