Shop updates

28.02.2013 15:36
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Shop updates

Hello webdesigner,

some questions for me, and I think for others also.

1. Example

I want to update my shop from 3.6 to 3.13.
I forgot an update, but I do not know which.
What must I do?
Start with the updates from 3.6?

2. Example

I have a shop, 3.13.
But I forgot an update.
I do not know which update.
I also do not know since I have the problem.
I do not know, which version are my start version was.

What now?

Thank you

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28.02.2013 16:35
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Aw: Shop updates

1. Start 3.6

2. Enable debug joomla
See database error.

Need to find a shop version where there were added fields.
start with this version.

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02.03.2013 21:35
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Aw: Shop updates

good to know!


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