jshopping_attr_groups table missing

04.08.2015 19:00
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Name: Fabio
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jshopping_attr_groups table missing

How can i recreate that table?

Adding a new product i receive this sql errore:
SELECT A.attr_id, A.`name_it-IT` as name, A.attr_type, A.attr_ordering, A.independent, A.allcats, A.cats, G.`name_it-IT` as groupname FROM `xxxx_jshopping_attr` as A left join `xxxx_jshopping_attr_groups` as G on A.`group`=G.id ORDER BY A.attr_ordering asc

(logically jshopping_attr has no GROUP field)

Joomla: 3.4.3
JoomShopping: 4.10.3
Website Url: nova.formae98.it
06.08.2015 22:01
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Name: Admin
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Aw: jshopping_attr_groups table missing

Problem in skip updates.

1. update step to step again (No see errors)
2. https://www.webdesigner-profi.de/joomla-webdesign/shop/addons/check-db-structure-table-shop.html?lang=en


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