Change the tax by different location

13.10.2015 16:12
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Change the tax by different location

At the time, I got to segment different amounts of shipping according to destination (Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands, Portugal and Andorra), each with a different amount. When the customer makes a purchase less than 300 euros he must pay the transport, each one pay the rightful by his location.

The problem comes when the purchase exceeds the 300 €. I'd like to know how can I make the transport free from 300 € but only in "Peninsula", but the rest (Balearic Islands, Portugal and Andorra) should pay the transport by his location.

How can I do this?

P.D: I use JoomShopping V.4.5.0 on Joomla 3.3.6

Joomla: 3.3.6
JoomShopping: 4.5.0
PHP: 5.4.45
MySQL: 5.5.44
Website Url:
13.10.2015 21:38
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