Order in mobile - didn't find the requested page

30.07.2016 16:29
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Order in mobile - didn't find the requested page


In mobile version (Protostar template) I have a problem with orders.
If customer adds a product to the cart, correctly displays a table of the order (step 1, but customer is logged on). But if a customer clicks on the "Order", then message appears:
Not found the requested page.

Below is also the info:
"1146 Table 'mojanazwa_karmnik. # __ comprofiler' does not exist. SQL = SELECT * FROM '#__comprofiler' WHERE user_id = 123

I found, that "comprofiler" can be associated with "Community builder", but I never used it or install this component.

Could you tell me: what does it mean and how to solve this problem?

Thanks, regards


Edit: Now I see, that on desktop version I also have a "404 page not found" - WHY?!

Joomla: 3.6.0 Stable
JoomShopping: 4.13.0
PHP: 5.6.23 (on 7.0 joomshopping errors appear)
MySQL: 5.5.5-10.1.14-MariaDB
Website Url: karmnik.sklep.pl

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Aw: Order in mobile - didn't find the requested page

not joomshopping error.


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