Copying images from one shop to another

13.07.2011 11:49
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Name: Sloan Thrasher
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Copying images from one shop to another

I have two shops, on under one url, and one under another, both on the same server.
After replicating the product data from one DB to the other, and copying all of the product images from one to the other, many image thumbnails do not show in the 2nd sites catalog or detail displays. Most do appear.

After doing a lot of looking around, and comparing the front-end appearance of one site to the other, it seems that some of the thumbnails on the 1st site that display, do not have a corresponding image on disk. The same image on the second site does not display, and when entering the url directly, I get a 404 error.

Am I correct that the folder the images are stored in is:
/components/com_jshopping/files/img_products/ ?

Other than copying the image files from one site to the other, is there a step I need to do before or after the copy?

Joomla: 1.6
JoomShopping: latest
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