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26.07.2011 09:16
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Name: Johann Müller
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I have installed your webshop (Version 2.93) and have the following issue.

When i am in the detail view of a product and add it to the cart and then click back to shop in the cart i get back to the detail view not the main shop page where i can select the product category.

It makes a endless loop between detail view and cart after that if i click on the back button on the page you can add in the options (the browser back button works correct but the other one should also do the same)

Is there a workaround to change that or is that a unknown bug?

15.08.2011 10:48
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Name: Brian Alison
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I have the same issue if I add a detailed item to the shopping cart and then return to the shop it only takes me back to the detailed listing for that item and not the complete shop.

Any ideas anyone


Joomla: 1.6
JoomShopping: 3.2.4
01.12.2011 11:27
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Name: richard
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Aw: Back to Shop overview

Ich mag Joomshooping sehr als shopping cart, aber ich habe auch eine kleines Problem mit der "back to shop" Taste, es lenkt mir nicht in den Laden, sondern nur um die Details des Produktes welche ich in meinen Korb habe.

Sorry für mein schlechtes Deutsch


Joomla: 1.7
JoomShopping: 3.2.7
PHP: 5.2.14
MySQL: 5.0.51a-community

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