Layout subcategories

13.08.2011 15:28
Paul Zaal
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Layout subcategories

I'm just trying to get familiair with Joomshopping. And so far it looks great! Easy and functional. Thx.

Just one question about the layout.

For my catalogue (that's all I need) I made one categorie and 3 subcategories. It looks like this :Layout subcategories

As you can see the outlining of the table is not OK. Sub 3 text is more to the left. I cannot find the reason why. As you can see in the second and third pic I checked what's going on with firebug and it seems that it something with the tablewidth. Did I miss a setting somewhere ?

Do you have an idea ?

Please don't hesitate to answer in German if it's easier.
Layout subcategories

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