How to work w/SEF URLs?

09.09.2011 12:54
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How to work w/SEF URLs?

Good day.

I'm setting up my first shop w/JoomShopping. So far, it's been pretty much straightforward working with the templates and CSS. However, I ran into some issues with SEF URLs and the site Breadcrumbs while testing out the site.

First off, the URLs are ok; they don't break the site or produce any errors. It's the SEF URLs that I'm having problems with, and synching them w/my site's (default Joomla! 1.7) Breadcrumbs module.

How can I control how the SEF URLs behave and come out? So far, I've had some success by defining Menu items (not used in any modules, just menus for purposes of browsing/site structure) and hard-coding their aliases to some JoomShopping component links (e.g., hard-coding "index.php/my-account" as targets of log-in links, I'm able to use the page as a springboard for User-related functions such as: Update Account Details, and My Orders; and by hard-coding "index.php/my-cart" to the Checkout links, I'm able to use it as a springboard for the Checkout process).

I know this isn't the way I'm supposed to use these. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

Joomla: 1.7
JoomShopping: 3.2.6

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