Short Description - it is too long

22.06.2012 15:50
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Name: Mike Burton
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Short Description - it is too long

Is there a way that the short description that appears can be limited to X number of characters. I would like the short description to be limited to 50 characters with ... at the end.

Let us imagine I wanted to limit the number of characters shown in the short description to 50, before the Star Rating, Comment link and Buy button appear. I would like this to be done without me having to count the characters in every short description.

For example. My current short description reads: "Bulldog CC100 Autoclamp Adjustable Wheel Clamp for Cars, Caravans and Motorhomes."

Without having to go into every items short description and manually remove all the characters after the 50th one I would like a way of producing the following as an example:
"Bulldog CC100 Autoclamp Adjustable Wheel Clamp for..."

The reason I want it to be shortened is to make sure that all the products displayed in the grid (currently set to 9 (3 rows of 3)) have the BUY and Details links at the same level.

I hope my description is clear enough for someone to be able to help me.

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