07.07.2012 20:20
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Name: Mireille Liong
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My shop is at

I am quite happy with this shop but I have a few questions:

1) After a visitor clicks the buy link, the category menu disappears. Is there a way to prevent this.

2) I installed the Dutch language pack and set the main language in the configuration to Dutch but the shop is still in English. What did I miss?

3) The sender's email from joomshopping is different from email I set in the configuration. It looks like joomshopping uses the email set in the global configuration. Where/how can I change this?

4) How/where can I change the status message of shipped:
the Status of your Order No. has been changed
New Status is: Shipped


Joomla: 2.54
JoomShopping: 3.2.7
PHP: 5.2.17
MySQL: 5.0.92
Website Url:
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