Some videos will not play

28.11.2012 22:01
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Some videos will not play

I have a strange phenomenon when it comes to video.
I enclose two print screen where it first shows a working display of a video 20 Mbps while the other shows a non-functioning display video 14 MbpsThe difference I can see is that, when there is a small arrow next to the movie clip, the video does not work, only the lower part of the video player is visible. How can that be? I have also tried to upload new videos, and create a new product with the video with the same results. How can some files appear as they should, while others you have to right click on the video icon to play in a separate window. Now I have downloaded fresh files from my Supplier. Unfortunately it does not help. For two products follow a small arrow in the movie clip, which reveals that the video does not display as intended. What affects this?
Some videos will not play

I'm ashamed to say what the error was but I had uploaded video files with wrong file format.
Now I can see the page the way I want

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