Using one shop on two domains

21.01.2014 08:19
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Using one shop on two domains

Hi colleagues,

I have a question on which I could need your experiences.

I have one Domain on which I run a JoomShooping-Shop.

Beside this I have another domain on which I want to run the same shop. I am facing some problems/questions:

1. Do I need a SSL certificate for each domain or can I share one for the shop?
2. Will the orders coming from be visible in the shop on and vice versa? I am asking because I do not want to check both domains for new orders - I want to have it all in one system
3. Would it be a better idea to create one shop on a subdomain e.g and redirect to it from both domains?

Which way would you prefer or what are your experiences?

Thank you so much for your help,

many greets,


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