Need Help to Configure, Please asssit

20.02.2014 22:11
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Need Help to Configure, Please asssit

Hi Guys, this is my probably second post, i really believe any one of you could assist me on this.

Currently, i am trying develop site as like this but key things i want to include it's Shopping cart function behind the operation.

If you could go to the site, on front page shows Get started button, the next page will show Number of different products for customer to select (i.e. Cookie item).
Next step is, after selecting the Main cookie, then it takes to next step yo Select next product with main product (i.e. Main product+mixing product).

Next step, after selecting, it automatically add to right sidebar.

Next step is, Product Mix details from Customers, after inserting all require information, at the bottom, it allows for adding cart.

Next step is, Payment details, i.e. Build another cart, Update cart (to insert additonal mix) and checkout with computing total price.

Next step, final payment details from customer

Wondering, is there way i can do it Joom shopping, if so, please give me details explanaiton to set up

Sorry for graphical text and thanks for attention, Please assist on this

Will really appreciate


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