Size of lightbox thumbnail on product page

10.06.2014 14:53
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Name: Yorgil Thorn
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Size of lightbox thumbnail on product page


I try to configure default template for Joomshopping 4.4.3 and i have problem with changing size of image in produckt page. I use Product image resize addon to change all sizes of images and reconfigured in options sizes of images in categories etc. But i cannot still change main picture size in product page. When there is only one picture it displays small (147px width). When i add more pictures to that product card, new images are correct sizes but this main one still is small. Here is example how it looks now:

How can i change size of that image? I tried to edit css -> jquery.lightbox-0.5 file and changing lighbox size but it doesnt work. I cannot find any data responsible for that in default.css and product_default.php files.


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