1 product replaced by 3 new products

19.03.2015 12:59
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Name: Lieven Borms
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1 product replaced by 3 new products


I have a question about the use of the shop with a few specific products.

Thanks to the shop component, I’ve a very good google ranking for many products.
Now a manufacturer replaced a very popular product by 3 new versions (a basic, comfort and pro model)

So when I unpublish the old product and make 3 new products, the high ranking in search engines will be lost.

Is it possible to just set the old product in a sort of a catalogue mode (not possible to buy)? In that case I can add a small text and advice customers to look for the new products.

Or is there a better way to handle this issue?

Kind regards

Lieven Borms

Joomla: 3.4
JoomShopping: 4.9.2
PHP: 5.5.11
MySQL: 5.0.11
20.03.2015 08:32
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Aw: 1 product replaced by 3 new products

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