Limit and randomize the visible related products

04.09.2015 12:00
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Name: Ronny
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Limit and randomize the visible related products


in our shop we show the related products below the product description. Which products are related to each other is controlled by our product management system. Upload is managed with the universal CSV upload.

Some products have a lot of related products. Therefor a question:

Can the amount of shown related products be limited and randomized? Something like - show maximum of 8 related products, if there are more than 4/8, randomly select 4/8 of the pool of this product.

It seems, the addon "Related products" can at least handle limitations and random selection. Is this addon compatible with the import of related products in the product configuration or do I need to generate the related product group with the menu seen in the screenshot of the addon?

Furthermore I like to know, if the addon "Related product slider" can be configured to:
- show an certain amount of products (e.g. 3 or 4)
- autoruns after a time to the next 3 or 4 products


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