404 errors in product list and checkout

27.09.2016 12:58
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404 errors in product list and checkout


We're using JoomShopping on our non-profit website and I am having a number of strange 404 errors.

It began two days ago, when I noticed that when I click "checkout" (on the page that displays the table of items in my cart) I get a 404 error, as in the attached screenshot.

Then today – and I haven't changed any settings at all since noticing the first error – I noticed that I now cannot even access the main shop front from our primary navigation menu, which is directed to display a product list. It now comes back with a 404 error, too (https://easyhorsecare.net/shops/online-shop). But when I manually copy the product list (http://easyhorsecare.net/index.php?option=com_jshopping&view=products), it works.

Can you please tell me what's going wrong there and how I can fix it?

404 errors in product list and checkout

Joomla: 3.6.2
JoomShopping: 4.11.2
Website Url: http://easyhorsecare.net/
27.09.2016 16:28
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Aw: 404 errors in product list and checkout

problem in menu

try not use HTTPS


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