Rabat code

16.07.2011 10:01
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Rabat code

I create a rabat code which is linked to a single user and it is in percent (10%). After testing it i found that when you add multiple articles, like example:
- Item #1; qty:1; price 600€
- Item #2; qty:1; price 110€
- Item #3; qty:12; price 200€ x 12 = 2400€
- Item #4; qty:12; price 40€ x 12 = 480€

And enter rabat code i have:

Subtotal: 3590€
Discount: -359€
VAT 18%: 581,58€
Total: 3812.58€

Math is ok, but when i start to remove Items from basket discount does not decrease compared to the subtotal.

Is this a bug or there is some option which i missed?


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