Breadcrumbs, Login, and SEF URLs

11.09.2011 01:26
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Breadcrumbs, Login, and SEF URLs

Good day.

I'm trying to fix my shop "Structure" with the (Joomla! 1.7 stock) Breadcrumbs module.

At first, I noticed that the shop pages did not show the Breadcrumbs even though it's set to show on All Pages. I was able to address this by making Menu Items to specific pages of the shop that I wanted to go to (a "Shop Navigation Tree", somewhat) but I don't use it in any modules so they don't actually show up as menus.

With this, I now seem to have a "stable" Breadcrumb trail and SEF URL structure to these key pages. For example: Creating a "My Cart" menu entry in the Shop Nav Tree menu lets me access the Shopping Cart at "index.php/my-cart", and changing the link HREF in the Shopping Cart module to "index.php/my-cart" (instead of the built-in URL) brings up the View Shopping Cart page. This, along with setting "Not redirect in cart after buy" seems to work well for the entire Cart and Checkout process, such that I'm able to set it's "root" path to "index.php/my-cart" ("Home > My Cart" on the Breadcrumbs) and the Checkout process ensues with the correct Breadcrumbs trail (Home>My Cart>Checkout>[step 2/etc...]).

A similar approach seems to work for User Accounts, wherein I assign "My Account" of the Shop Nav Tree (index.php/my-account) as my "root" page for User Account Management (Edit Account, Edit Core/PW Account, and Orders), and I'm able to get the proper Breadcrumbs for these, as well.

HOWEVER, I'm having problems with the actual Login process. I usually get "index.php/my-account/user/myaccount" after logging in, whereas I only want it to go to "index.php/my-account". ... Where can I set this (in code, I assume) so that it redirects to the proper URL?

Thanks for the help, guys.

Joomla: 1.7
JoomShopping: 3.2.6

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