Two questions about the additional field1

07.10.2011 17:09
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Name: M Raidt
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Two questions about the additional field1

Dear people,

First of all. Thanks for this great component. Now, i just need two things to make my website work.

On my site it is important that customers can fill in a domain(domainname) So my first question is: How can i set up a default value to additional field1 from the Address fields? Like: (http//:www.)

Second question is maby more difficult. At the end of a order in the overview, just above "confirm order" and the "notes added" you can see the following:

Billing adress: firstname , City Bahamas
Payment method: Creditcard / Paypal

In the billing adress results i want to show up the result(value) of additionalfield1 from the adress fields instead of firstname, city and county.

I know how to change the word "billing adress" so at the end it wil look like this:

Domain: http//
Payment method: Creditcard / Paypal

I really hope that someone can help me with this caus i know it is not very difficult. I just dont know where to look in the jshopping component.

Kind regards,

M Raidt
Two questions about the additional field1

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