currency convert to location

14.10.2011 14:49
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currency convert to location


Does anyone know if there is a way for the currency to recognize location and display the currency accordingly. For example if user is from US then the currency will default to Dollars and if user is from UK the currency will default to Pounds.

Thanks in advance

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17.10.2011 21:08
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Aw: currency convert to location

Look at souce code of the page (e.g. Ctrl/U in Firefox) where currency selection occures. You will see e.g.:


It means you need to set "id_currency=1", "id_currency=2" etc. for your languages.


I used in my website in Joomla 1.5.23 Joomshoping together with Joomfish. So I had to add some code into flag selection.

So I added at the end of the function "createHRef" in program "modules\mod_jflanguageselection\helper.php" some code:

function _createHRef( $language , $modparams) {

if ($code == "en"){
$url = $url."&id_currency=2";
$url = $url."&id_currency=1";

return $url;

it means:
in English language Joomshoping with USD currency will be displayed
in Slovak language Joomshoping with SKK currency will be displayed.

23.10.2011 15:19
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Name: jeanette
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Aw: currency convert to location

Hi, this is interesting!
I am looking for something similar, and seems you have some control over this :-) So, do you have any idea how i can do the same thing just instead of beeing based on changing the language i want it based on the category selected in joomshopping ?
Meaning: when selecting category "worldwide delivery" i will have currency shown in EUR, and when selecting "Delivery within Norway" i want currency in Norwegian krones to be displayed.

(When opening my webshop i display 2 categories: one for delivery within norway and one for delivery worldwide. This cause of vat on goods delivered within norway and there will be no vat for goods delivered worldwide. So i have one set of goods with vat for the norwegian marked, and an identical set of goods for the worldwide marked without any vat.)

Any tips is mostly appreciated.

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