Some problem Which plugins

11.05.2012 22:48
User Kurd4h
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Some problem Which plugins

Hello i have a Problem Which Showing prudocts...
i use Joomla ( It THESHOP ) i have add Some Prudocts and in the frontpage of mine site i have add Some Module Like The newst add Prudocts When i Click on the Article That i will See The module Are opening Which The Article at Top of the prudoct that is a Exmple..

Mine Site :
The Article :
in the article Link Come down you See The Artcile Is a car but The problem Is The opstar Mudole i Whant Onlye The prudoct Show op not The mudole i have 2 language In the other language i dont have that problem look that is The other language Link :

Please Help How to fix it i have all The module create Self than the other language but that is the problem Please help
i have make a Photo please help Me ???
Some problem Which plugins

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