Category description content don't allow plugins?

12.06.2012 11:48
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Category description content don't allow plugins?


I'm using phocagallery for gallery, and joomshoping for eshop. When I create main category, I like have some description and photos from phocagallery. But on my website it shows only text from description and tags {phocagallery ... }.

When I try put some photos on clasic articles, that works perfectly and show me images. Phoca plugin is enable. Only in category description it dont show images, but only source doce {phocagallery..}

Is there any way how to enable content plugins in category description?


EDIT! I found solution! Go to configuration - product/category - allow content plugin :-)

Joomla: 2.5.4
JoomShopping: 3.6.1
PHP: latest
MySQL: latest

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