category alignment

30.06.2012 17:08
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category alignment

Even though JoomShopping is a great product, I have a minor issue caused by the combination of it with the template.
The JoomShopping part of the problem seems that each category is displayed in a table nested in another table. To me the use of this makes little sense, and I would prefer to use a single table with the images in one column and the link and distinction in the next column.
Does anyone else experience this styling issue, or have a quick fix?

The issue can be seen on


Joomla: 2.5.6
JoomShopping: 3.7.2
PHP: 5.3.13
MySQL: 5.0.95
Website Url:
30.06.2012 19:26
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Aw: category alignment

Change Css and template


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