Site search - date and manufacturer

22.04.2013 13:18
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Name: Steve Rothman
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Site search - date and manufacturer

Dear Joomshopping Admin,

We would like to remove in the Advanced Search the 2 search criteria:

Search by Date
Search by Manufacturer

In the back-end of the site, we have added the manufacturers so we can find their products easier, but we do not want this visible for the customer. It is only for the shop reference.

Is there a way to remove the Manufacture from the Advanced Search, as well as Search by DATE? (We don' find this relevant for our site for the users to search by date.)

Thank you in advance for your help.

Steve Rothman
Too much Rome
Site search - date and manufacturer

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23.04.2013 07:48
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Aw: Site search - date and manufacturer


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