Emails to customers (Automatic and not)

29.04.2013 17:15
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Name: Steve Rothman
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Emails to customers (Automatic and not)

Dear Joomshopping,

We are starting to get orders from our site, and the emails that go out to customers need to be changed.

For example, I updates that status of a customers order to 'shipped' and this is what went out (in Italian) to the customer :


Salve Steve Rothman,
Lo stato del tuo ordine n. 00000051 è stato cambiato
Il nuovo stato è: Shipped
Order details:



There are several things that need changing in the email:

- spacing
- &grave (it is an accent problem) appears 2 times.
- shipped = is NOT Italian. I needs to be in Italian

Where are these emails located? and How can I fix them ?

I looked in CONFIGURATION and STATIC text, and they are not there.

Also, in the initial email to the customer, I would like to insert the customers first name (as in this automatic email above.) How do I do that?


Steve Rothman

PS: is there a guide or something that tells me about them and where to fix/change them?

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29.04.2013 21:29
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Aw: Emails to customers (Automatic and not)

components\com_jshopping\templates\default\order\statusorder.php - email order status
administrator\components\com_jshopping\views\orders\tmpl\statusorder.php - email order status


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