changing image size in front end,

09.05.2013 12:54
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Name: ariya
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changing image size in front end,

by changing my site to new template
i have made change in my product image size from back end(configuration )
it take effect in front end for new upload image ,,but previously uploded image size do not change
is there any way to change all image to new size at once according to new image configuration
my site is in test folder with sample data of new template,later i am going to import my site content, with over 1000 product reuploading all image is impossible
any help will be appreciated,
jooml3.0 and shop 4.2.0

Joomla: joomla3.0
JoomShopping: 4.2.0
PHP: 5.3.2
Website Url:
09.05.2013 19:29
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Name: Admin
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Aw: changing image size in front end,
Resize Products 4.0.0 (JoomShopping 4.x)


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