Hide jshopping content from browsers

15.02.2011 14:26
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Name: stojan
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Hide jshopping content from browsers

I'm have been using Jshopping component just for registered users (registration needed to enter Jshopping).
But when search for article on Google (and other browsers), Google give me a results, which pointing to the article which link directly to Jshopping store. So anybody can enter directly to my Jshopping store and see all the articles, and also can put it into basket...
What should be done to hide content from non-registered users or when user click on google result to link them to registration or simply to index page.

Otherway Jshopping works just fine, and I also translate it in Slovenian (just frontend for now).

Can anybodny help me or give me an advise?

Thank you in advance, Stojan

Joomla: 1.5.22
JoomShopping: 2.7.3
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