Online music shop, 2Checkout payments

16.02.2011 14:52
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Online music shop, 2Checkout payments


It it possible to use JoomShopping to sell music online? It means that "quantity" of product must be unlimited (I assume digital downloads), so it is necessary to hide quantity box.
On the product page, I want to place some kind of flash player for preview listening - how can it be done? By inserting html code into Description property of product?

And the last, I want to recieve payments via PayPal, but I am from Russia, and the only way to do it is to use 2Checkout (because I can't withdraw money from PayPal account from my country). It there any plugin for 2Checkout?


16.02.2011 20:32
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Aw: Online music shop, 2Checkout payments

quantity unlimited

Configuration / Category/product
Hide products which are not avaible on the stock (Disable)
Hide buy button when product isn't available in stock (Disable)

2Checkout - need programming (


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