Jshopping Categories module issue

29.10.2014 12:14
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Jshopping Categories module issue

Hi there,

I`m using your component with one of IceTheme Templates, IT SmartShop template.
The issue I`m running is with Jshopping Categories module. I have created some categories{ex. Одежда} and subcategories{ex. Детская одежда}. When I click to the subcategory I also get the categories assigned to this subcategory{ Детская одежда}. Check the link to understand what I mean:

What I wanted is when I click at "Детская одежда" subcategory, wanted to not display those categories but display the product/products which is/are assigned to these categories.

Check the attached screenshot to know how I have configured the subcategory called "Детская одежда".

Please help me to understand how this works and make the right configuration to my JoomShopping area.

Jshopping Categories module issue

Joomla: Joomla3
JoomShopping: 4.6
Website Url: http://tbykova.myjino.ru/index.php/category/view/18
30.10.2014 08:03
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Aw: Jshopping Categories module issue

Sorry. Module IT SmartShop. I do not know how it works.


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