I can't click top menu when i'm on a product page

30.03.2015 12:38
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I can't click top menu when i'm on a product page

Good afternoon everyone,
it's my first post here: i had to join the forum because i really can't understand what's wrong by my own.

That's my problem: i've created a shop with a top menu called "Shop Online", which lists the "Featured" category, and some sub-menu items, like "Necklaces", "Earrings" "Bags" and so on.
Everything used to work perfectly.
Now i've got a weird problem: when i'm on a product page (i mean that i've clicked on a single product and i'm looking at his page, with price, details etc) i can't go back to "Shop Online". If i click on "Shop Online" nothing happens, it only shows the sub-menu items on hover.

There are some products that don't have this problem.
I mean, when i'm on certain product pages, i can click on "Shop Online" and it works, but on certain other product it doesn't. The products have the same attributes.

I had to workaround the problem, creating a "Featured" sub-menu that lists the same products of "Shop Online" but my customer doesn't want it.

I believe the problem started after a Joomla update or a JoomShopping update.

I'm using Joomla 3.4.1 and JoomShopping 4.9.2, with a ZooTemplate template.

This is the site: http://www.**.com/
This is a product that allow me to click back on "Shop Online": [deleted]
This is one of several product that don't allow me it: [deleted]

If you navigate a little the shop, his categories and his sub-menus you will soon experience the problem.

Any ideas?
I really can't figure out what is causing it. I don't know if it's a JoomShopping problem, a Joomla problem or a template problem.
I've also tried to duplicate the menu voices, change their SEO alias but nothing's changed.

Thank you in advance,

Joomla: 3.4.1
JoomShopping: 4.9.2
PHP: 5.3.29-1~dotdeb.0
MySQL: 5.5.38-1~dotdeb.0-log
Website Url: http://www.federicasalvatorifranchi.com/

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Aw: I can't click top menu when i'm on a product page

Bug in javascript

http://www.federicasalvatorifranchi.com/templates/zo2_melano/assets/zo2/js/jcarousellite_1.0.1.pack.js line 1 > eval

TypeError: a[0] is undefined
...nt($.css(a[0],b))||0};function width(a){return a[0].offsetWidth+css(a,'marginLef...

Example use firefox + firebug - See errors.


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