Thumbnail Size

05.04.2011 16:23
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Name: Pip Temple
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Thumbnail Size


I am using joomshopping version 2.7.3 and am having trouble changing the size of the thumbnails for products. Changing them in config or within the product editor seems to make no difference at all. So:

1. How do I change the size of product images?

2. It is possible to have multiple images of a product but only show one thumbnail. I.e. leave the rest hidden until the user clicks on an image to enlarge it at which point they are taken through all the images.

Link to page in question:

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07.04.2011 13:29
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Name: Alex
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Aw: Thumbnail Size

you must change it in the config of your shop.
after changing you must upload your pictures new
than it works

04.11.2011 13:00
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Name: Odinn Burkni
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Aw: Thumbnail Size

I'm having this same problem. I've changed the size of thumbnails to 80px but when I click on category the subcategory has a smaller thumbnail and then I click on the subcategory the thumbnails for the pics there are even smaller but I wanted it to stay in the same size for all.

Joomla: 1.5.24
JoomShopping: 2.9.7

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