PDF Stopped Sending?

09.10.2012 15:29
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Name: Jim Miller
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PDF Stopped Sending?

My store stopped sending me any emails for an order and no PDF's so the only way I know an order has been placed is to check constantly - Plus the Image and address were perfect to send to some of my supplier which drop ship. This Functionality worked before.

I have tried numerous fixes posted here to no avail!

NOTE - I am still generating a PDF in the Back end but no email confirmation and no pdf's emailed.

Also note - A live Paid Test resulted in my REDIRECT NOT automatically going back to my Site (I tried several different Redirect url's at Pay Pal) Order is still generated and a Back End PDF is working just no email confirmation and no pdf's to the admin or the customer. All of this used to work one week ago.

Joomla: 1.7.3
JoomShopping: 3.3.2
PHP: 5.3.13
Website Url: www.wildbikers.com

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