editing attributes problem,,,,

10.03.2013 00:05
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Name: Joe
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editing attributes problem,,,,

OK so I see that if ya create some attributes, then want to ADD more, ya cant, it throws an error, so ya have to delete them in your product, and re create them.

So what if..... say get a new color in? i cant just add that color into my attributes, ya have to edit your product, then go into attributes, delete them all and them re add them all. ya cant just add a new color in...

and if ya have HUNDREDS of products!!!! i will go to another shopping cart that has that ability before i do that.

so if anyone knows a better way to add say a new color or size..
by all means please let me know.


10.03.2013 19:45
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Aw: editing attributes problem,,,,



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