Best way to construct complex products?

27.11.2013 17:17
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Best way to construct complex products?

I work with a NGO who wants to sell bookings for a congress. There are five groups of people who may book during four periods of time (age group, membership or non-nationals), and they may book congress, food and/or bed. The congress will be in 4 days with a special for the last 3 days, and ability to book single days. Apart from that I want them to be able to apply for veg, LCHF and vegan plus add allergies.

it's not simple and the way I did it last year wasn't the best way. Does anybody have any ideas?

The worst thing was the change between time periods. There is a commercial addon named Product Label Time and I wonder if that is what I would need to make the changes of price per period. I still would need one product per timeperiod, and I'm playing around with the possibility to make them attributes instead. Best thing would be to be able to raise the price within the same product. Is there an addon for that, that I didn't find?

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