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26.11.2011 16:23
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Improvment suggestions


I would like to use Joomshopping to sell digital content (Videos, Pictures, etc.).
So far I like JS quite much but for my purpose I need a few features more:
1. Ability to set a path and file name of a downloadable product, which I already uploaded via FTP. Problem is that I will have many and larger files and I can not upload all just via back end one by one as it is now. It just takes too much time and often it is not working due to time outs.
2. Option to deactivate the product image in various areas (e.g. category view, product view) as I intend to show my own descriptions.
3. Option to show the long product description in the Product list. Or alternatively enabling Joomla Content plugins and HTML coding in the short description.
4. An option to limit the download of files dynamically. Best an option per file how how long a file can be downloaded or that view quantity the amount of downloads can be "set" or purchased.
5. An option to set custom information about the product (e.g. Resolution, file size, quality) which can show up in the cart without being special attributes which have to be selected by the customer first.
6. A very nice and powerful function would also be to implement some revenue share system when working with multiple vendors. It should automatically deducts some money (based on percentage) from the revenue of a product from a different vendor as fee to the shop owner.
Something similar to this:

If it would be possible to get solutions for point 1.-4. I definitely would use and recommend JS as there is hardly any shopping system for Joomla 1.7.x available which is able to do this. Even stand alone shopping systems don't have all these features and are even far to complicated to setup (especially the look) or are extremely expensive, like IXXO Multi-Vendor Cart.
The problem is that for selling digital products regular shop systems are far too complex and loaded with so much unnecessary features.

So, thanks for taking a look into this and...

Schönen 1. Advent! ;o)

Gruß, Jan.

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