when comes characteristics for products like ez Publish?

13.01.2012 09:41
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when comes characteristics for products like ez Publish?

In version 3.3.2 there is always some plain solutions: if i add an new characteristic for an product, an new column would added to product table.

I am missing an relation table - or only one column with an json object init.

I can not say multipe characteristic: for instance "colors".
If the product as two colors, i can not select red and green as multiple "colors" for characteristic "colors".

good solution in version 3.3.2 is the differences beetween list and text, but better i like to use multiple.

I have in my version added an new product table column "details", where i wrote this multiple characteristics as json - array. Ok, it works not in combination with product filter. But is usefull for multiple characteristics.

Version 3.3.2:
- text
- list


- multiple
- text as number (because weight (gram) == 50 : are number, not text)

Looking to ez Publish and learn for new (and old and better!) ideas.
Make products free configurable. Store products as objects, not as longer long table with huge count of columns. Use more relation tables.

If i would add more languages... the product table could store more than 200 columns... unbelievable.


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