JED delisted

05.03.2012 09:49
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Name: swissandy
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JED delisted

I do not know what you guys are doing to keep getting delisted but it has just cost you the March template with a big template club.

06.03.2012 14:29
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Name: tom
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Aw: JED delisted

Yeah man what happened? I'm developer member of and they have used joomshopping before and were going to in this new march template but they pulled it because you guys got delisted from JED?

Can you guys give an explenation why this happened? I wan't to know Joomshopping is safe before i keep using it for my clients. This doesn't make a good name of course. And that while joomshopping is a great webshop man!!

06.03.2012 18:52
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Aw: JED delisted

See "Unpublished Comments From Editors"

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