Different CSS classes for free attribute

11.07.2014 14:50
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Different CSS classes for free attribute


It is difficult to format free attributes because they are missing unique CSS classes.

If I add two checkboxes or a checkbox and a textarea, all CSS classes are the same.

So I can't float the first checkbox to the left and the second checkbox to the right for example.

It would be better if each attribute has unique classes.

<div class = "row-fluid attr21">
<div class="span2 name attr21">
<span class="freeattribut_name attrname21">Name of Checkbox 1</span> <span class="freeattribut_description attrdesc21"></span>
<div class="span10 field divattr21">
<input type="hidden" name="freeattribut[21]" value="Nein" />
<input type="checkbox" class="inputbox attr21" name="freeattribut[21]" value="Ja" />

<div class = "row-fluid attr22">
<div class="span2 name attr22">
<span class="freeattribut_name attrname22">Name of Checkbox 2</span> <span class="freeattribut_description attrdesc22"></span>
<div class="span10 field divattr22">
<input type="hidden" name="freeattribut[22]" value="Nein" />
<input type="checkbox" class="inputbox attr22" name="freeattribut[22]" value="Ja" />


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