attribute depend: yes/no

12.11.2014 08:27
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attribute depend: yes/no

Hello webdesigner,

A) example:
1. create an attribute, depend:yes
2. later open this one to edit it: category: change from a special category to all category
result: the system change to depend:no
better: to changes within the depend status.

B) example:
I have an exist combination with depend:yes
Now I have for example one more option for one attribute.
Now: I must set all new
This is bad, why?:
If I have single prices, single images ..........I must write all new (without csv import/export addons).

Better: The possibilty to integrate only the new variations without delete the exist combinations

Please answers to A+B.
Thank you and greetings

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Aw: attribute depend: yes/no

A) Not see errors.

B) Not possible fix


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