Search Module Isses

19.04.2011 20:41
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Name: Lee
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Search Module Issues

I've just about got everything configured on the store and it's running great however I have a little problem with the search module being to over sensitive,

Basically if someone enters a search term such as The T-Shirt I want it then pulls all results from the store list with a "the" somethere in it.

The module is obviously pulling info from everything including the product description, is there a way of just getting it to stop just simply reading one word and throwing up all results with that word in it, and/ or at the very least to get it to just read from product title.

Thanks in advance as its bugging me

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JoomShopping: 3.0

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Name: alberto
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Aw: Search Module Isses

im having the same issue... waiting for answer hehe


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