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01.12.2011 09:36
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JoomShopping wishlist

Hi guys.

Can anybody help me? I want that this module works there (screen #1 - all products in the same category).

What i do for that:

*i use template for jshopping by iceTheme*

1. Open my_site\components\com_jshopping\controllers - product.php and copy from line 172 this code:

$view->assign('enable_wishlist', $jshopConfig->enable_wishlist);

2. Open my_site\components\com_jshopping\controllers - category.php and paste this code here.

3. Open my_site\components\com_jshopping\templates\icetheme\product - product_default.php and copy from line 196-198 this code:

<?php if ($this->enable_wishlist){?>
<input type = "submit" class="button wishlist" value = "<?php print _JSHOP_ADD_TO_WISHLIST?>" onclick="jQuery('#to').val('wishlist');" />
<?php }?>

4. Open my_site\components\com_jshopping\templates\icetheme\category - category_default.php and paste this code here.

As u see button "wishlist" is added, but don't work. I click on it but nothing happens.

I think that i must fix my_site\components\com_jshopping\controllers - wishlist.php but don't know how...

Help me plz...
JoomShopping wishlist

Joomla: 1.7.3 Stable Russian version.
JoomShopping: 3.2.7.
PHP: 5.2.8
Website Url:

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See file components\com_jshopping\lib\functions.php
function addLinkToProducts

add row
$products[$key]->wish_link = SEFLink('index.php?option=com_jshopping&controller=cart&task=add&to=wishlist&category_id='.$category_id.'&product_id='.$products[$key]->product_id, $useDefaultItemId);

Use in template

<a href="<?php print $product->wish_link?>"><?php print _JSHOP_ADD_TO_WISHLIST?></a> &nbsp;

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02.12.2011 08:38
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Name: byb
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Aw: JoomShopping wishlist

oh my god!

U are the best support!!! AWESOME, dude! It's work! WORK!!!

Tnx a lot!

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