Search module - suche

10.12.2011 23:07
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Name: Alfredo
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Search module - suche

I have a problem with the Search Module, if I search two words the result includes all products that contain at least one word. We need that the result include only the products that has the two words. Example "laser ps3": "laser"+"ps3". Like a regular eshop search funtion. Has any one solve this? Thank you for your help.

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02.02.2012 00:10
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Name: ciccio
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Aw: Search module - suche

Same problem here.
you can solve the problem downloading joomshopping plugin for joomla default search, but it DOESN'T show thumbnails.
I like the joomshopping module beacause it does show products thumbs, but search features is not that good, Is it possible to modify it? Which files should be edited?

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