2 is not related categories

26.01.2012 15:36
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Name: Evgeny
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2 is not related categories

Hi! Thank you very much for your store!
I have one question, I use a template from IceTheme TheShop
the fact that I have created two categories of X and Y are already sub-X1 X2 and Y1 Y2
So, the menu item created two menus and menu type to specify the category and JS have ID X category and ID Y, respectively. If the site is to go into the category of X is great, but if you go into the category of Y, then all the lists and sub ‚Äč‚Äčlists of goods taken from the category X. and the module where the left vertical menu category includes all those categories and X and Y.
How to solve the problem? one word to two different store goods X and goods Y

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