2 is not related categories

26.01.2012 15:36
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Name: Evgeny
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2 is not related categories

Hi! Thank you very much for your store!
I have one question, I use a template from IceTheme TheShop
the fact that I have created two categories of X and Y are already sub-X1 X2 and Y1 Y2
So, the menu item created two menus and menu type to specify the category and JS have ID X category and ID Y, respectively. If the site is to go into the category of X is great, but if you go into the category of Y, then all the lists and sub ​​lists of goods taken from the category X. and the module where the left vertical menu category includes all those categories and X and Y.
How to solve the problem? one word to two different store goods X and goods Y


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