Edit module Tophits products

02.12.2012 12:00
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Edit module Tophits products

Hello I want the output modules: title, picture, description, price and buy button. To do this I changed the code (modules/mod_jshopping_tophits_products/tmpl/default.php) to this:
<div class="tophits_products">
<?php foreach($last_prod as $curr){ ?>
<div class="block_item">
<?php if ($show_image) { ?>
<div class="item_image">
<a href="<?php print $curr->product_link?>">
<img src = "<?php print $jshopConfig->image_product_live_path?>/<?php if ($curr->product_thumb_image) print $curr->product_thumb_image; else print $noimage?>" alt="" />
<?php } ?>
<div class="item_name">
<a href="<?php print $curr->product_link?>"><?php print $curr->name?></a>

<div class="description">
<?php print $curr->short_description?>
<?php if ($curr->_display_price){?>
<div class="item_price">
<?php print formatprice($curr->product_price);?>
<div class="buttons">
<a class="button_buy_mod" href="<?php print $curr->buy_link?>"><?php print _JSHOP_BUY?></a>

<?php }?>
<?php } ?>

Everything works, except the purchase - but it appears not form a link. Help please.

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