checkout process trying with physical and virtual products

08.11.2015 15:03
Jorge Lomar
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checkout process trying with physical and virtual products


I spent days installing and configuring the store with this application, and I found it very useful. I've read every thread about this issue (i think), but now I'm stuck in the checkout process with physical and virtual products.

I have two problems:

1. I bought the extension "Shipping product" to assign free shipping to virtual products. I configured properly categories shipping, and I set the products shipping depending on categorie value. I also setup phisycal products shipping depending on by weight.

By combining both products, the cart show only one shipping type. I saw that it depends on the "Shipping Priority" parameter in the extension product Shipping. I dont know how to setup to make available the another shipping method.

2. If I buy virtual goods only everything works fine, but I can not deliver the product to the customer, as the link does not appear anywhere (without registration). Should not the link sent by email?

I want to know if there is configuration solution, if there is a bug or

if I really should find another application. Thank you very much.

Addon producto Shipping 2.3

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