Use SSL and PayPal Return URL

10.12.2015 05:14
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Use SSL and PayPal Return URL Issue


I have just enabled SSL on my site and i have checked use ssl in the Joomshopping options, however when you are redirected to the site after paying via PayPal i am redirected to a full shopping cart ( instead of an empty shopping cart and the thank you page. I believe i have set the correct return url in paypal ( This behaviour only happens when i use ssl. I would be greatful to anyone that could help me resolve this issue. The URL below is what is being generated by PayPal on its redirect page after payment, it seems to be missing the item number for some reason, i am not sure if this makes any difference

This is the URL that gets generated by PayPal when SSL is disabled;

Thanks in advance to anyone that can assist me with this matter.

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