Cash on Delivery option problem.

06.09.2011 19:25
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Cash on Delivery option problem.

I have some issues setting up the payment and shipping options correctly, and in a way the customer can't fool the system to get cheap shipping.

One option for payment AND shipping is what you call Cash on Delivery. This option will cost a specific price per 2kg, however as is now I can only set one single price for this option in Payment. Also, if this option is selected by the customer, the choice of shipping ought to be skipped as that is already decided when selecting Cash on Delivery. If this was the only option for payment I will have to offer in the shop, I could simply disable the shipping choices. Though, I also have the payment options of PayPal and Bill in package, where an additional shipping method will be needed.

Hence I've added Cash on Delivery as an option in Shipping as well, where I am actually able to set up the correct price per 2kg. This way the customer has to choose Cash on Delivery for Payment and Cash on Delivery again for Shipping, which I guess would be fine - if there was not for the other payment options. A clever customer could choose to pay via PayPal and then choose Cash on Delivery for Shipping, and thereby get very cheap shipping if the order is below 2kg (about 30% off of the cheapest service package option).

This could all be avoided if I could set up the correct pricing scheme for Cash on Delivery in Payment, and if the choice of shipment was skipped if the customer chooses Cash on Delivery.

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